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No One Else, But You (OneShot )
3 Dec 2012 • 15:44 • 4 comments
November 27'th, 2010.

I was carrying my photography tools back home after finished taking some pictures for my scrapbook. What can I say, photography is my hobby, my passion. It was then when i saw him at the park. That time he was searching for something. Curious, I decided to ask him what he was looking for so I went closer to him. Maybe, i could lend him a hand since he looked like he needed some help.

  "Excuse me, are you looking for something?"

He startled and quickly turned around. What suprised me was that he never seemed to notice where I am. He just turned his head everywhere. I chuckled a bit. "Errmm, over here?". I waved at him.

  "Oh sorry. I'm blind and i can't seem to find my walking stick. Have you by anychance see it?"

Well, that was the most abruptly shocking introduction. Ever.

I gave him a small smile. "It's over there, let me get it for you." as I walked to a bench not far from him.

The stick was an old one, judging from the cracks and scratches all over it, white coloured with a name carved on it. I guess the name is his. Cho Kyuhyun. A very beautiful name, I thought to myself.

I handed it to him. "Here you go. I'm Lee Hana by the way." I reached out my hand for him to shake but then realized that he was blind, I grabbed his hand instead.

  "Thank you Hana. I'm Cho Kyuhyun. I'm currently working at a flower shop near this park. I happened to stop by here for a rest since it's a long way back to my apartment."

I was flabbergasted.

I really couldn't describe in details how good looking he was. His height is about 10 centimeters taller than me, dark brown haired and a sweet loving voice.

I just met him and we barely knew anything about each other. But I have this strange feeling  right then and there that he was about to show me what I've been missing for the past years of my life.

"I got to go now Hana. Meet me here again tomorrow if you want. It's kind of awkward  if we end our newly developed friendship just like this and..." I saw him rummaged in his pocket. "Here's the card to the flowershop I worked at. You might be wondering why they even accepted a blind person like me to work there right? Well, the shop's owner is my sister so yeah... Drop by when you have the chance."

I gladly accepted his offer.

From that day on, we became friends. I would stop by the park every evening. As for weekends, I would visit him at work when i have the time. Sometimes I even gave him extra hands. I also learned that he loves photography just like me too. That is, before he was blind.

It got me questioning. How did he turned blind? Too bad, I didn't have enough courage in me to ask and it doesn't seems like he wanted to talk about it either so i guess I better stay quiet. He will tell me someday. When he is ready. I'm sure of it.

Spring, 2013

I'm at the park. Waiting for Kyuhyun as usual.

I've just finished applying for a job at a few photography shop.

  No one starts from the top. That's what my mother used to say.

I look up the sky, so calming. "Omma, are you doing fine up there? I miss you so much."

Omma was kind, caring and a loving person. She and appa gave me everything I've ever wanted. They're always there when i needed them. Being an only child have it's own advantages and disadvantages. Our happiness doesn't last long. Omma became sick, it's getting worse each day. Even the doctor doesn't know what kind of disease that was. She passed away a few months after that and everything turned upside down for our family. After omma was gone,  appa became disoriented. He loved her so much that he tried to commit suicide a few times. I was worried back then so I talked to him. He told me not to worry and that he's fine and all that shit. Everything was like i expected.

  He lied.

His friend found him laying on the floor of his office, sorrounded by blood. It was tragic to be honest, even for a person like me who don't even give a damn about the world that time.

"I'm sorry I'm late Hana"

A panting Kyuhyun made his way beside me. Slightly bending his body with both hands on his knees, inhaling  some air before he continued speaking. "My sis gave me extra works today.. Aish! that girl"

"Chillax. It's okay, you're not that late." I said while giggling. He mouthed an 'o' and grabbed my hand. "Lets go Hana! we got a movie to catch! But wait, I bought my camera along and.. can I take a picture with you?"

"Since when did you became this polite asking for permission??." I smirked. "Kyu dear, you don't have to ask for...." *Click* The camera flashed before i even finished my sentence. The camera flashed and so does what happened a few years back. How we ended up together and how Kyuhyun got his sight back.

Well it goes like this..

"Summer, 2012.

Kyuhyun and I were having a picnic together. Everthing went well before he said the most shocking statement.

  "I can have my sight back. It's just that I didn't want to."

It took me a while to process what he said. Then it hit me, I blinked a few times and almost popped my eyeballs out while yelling 'what' at him.

His expression bitter and lifeless.

He's ready to tell me everything, I guess. I shifted next to him and took his hand in mine. "Why?" I asked calmly. Trying not to be so obnoxious.

He sighted. "Before I was blind, my sister Ahra used to date someone by the name of Kris. He always comes to our apartment and brings food for us. We ate together almost everynight. He took care of us well. Before him, I only have Ahra. Our parents passed away when I was 13 and Ahra was 15. We lived with our grandparents but then we moved to our old house in Seoul to continue our studies. My sister graduated and she started her own flowershop with the savings that she's been collecting. By then, she met Kris. He's a chinese photographer who works at Seoul. He went to her shop to get some flowers for his photoshoot."

Kyuhyun chuckled a bit, puddle of tears started to form in his eyes. He held back a sob and continued his story.

"I was very fond of Kris to tell you the truth. He treats me like his own brother. Not like those stuck up guys my sister used to date. The three of us would often went to this park and took pictures together. He taught me a few shooting tips and would correct me if I'm doing it wrong. He was everything that I've ever wanted for a brother and I really approved of his relationship with my sister. I even went to them and tell them to get married soon straight to their faces. I want him to actually be part of our family but..."

  "You don't have to continue if you don't want to." I stop him midway.
  "No. This is the most important part. I just can't leave it hanging.."
  "Okay, if you insist..." I sigh in defeat and let him continue.

"That night, Ahra was out buying groceries. Kris wanted to accompany her but she told him to stay at the apartment with me. He did as he's told. Everything was okay untill..."


"...untill he got hit by a car for trying to save me. We were going to meet up with Ahra at the park because Kris wanted to propose to her. But then, it happened. He takes the crash while I'm shoved to the other side. My face landed on a very sharp object and the next thing i know, I'm blind. No matter how many times my sister told me that it's okay and that I should take the surgery for my own good, I still won't listen. I thought being blind for a lifetime is a suitable punishment for me.

I traced the line of tears on my cheek that's been pouring down like waterfalls for quite a while and wiped it with the back of my hand. I knew oh so well how much it hurts inside when losing someone special in your life.

Yes. I KNEW it. But now I think it might've changed to I KNOW it.
Somehow I feel like his pain is my pain. Cho Kyuhyun's pain is Lee Hana's pain.


'What? there's more?' I whispered to myself.

"After meeting you, I think my whole concept of being blind for a lifetime might've changed.."

I widened my eyes in disbelief. 'What is he talking about?'

"I love you Lee Hana. You've treated me so well. I'm willing to undergo that surgery for your sake!"

I blushed at his statement. It took me a while before I could think of the correct thing to say to him. "I think... no. I'm sure I feel the same too." He smiled.

  "Good thing I didn't lie."

And now here we are, sharing every moments together.

Winter, 2013.

Kyuhyun's been acting a little strange nowadays and it had me worried so I called to ask him if everything's fine. So far my calls are all greeted by his phone's answering machine. I sighed as I ended the call and decided to text him instead.

  "Hello, Kyu dear. If you happened to read this can you please call me back? I need to ask you something."

I pressed the send button as I watched the device working itself on sending the message. The screen glows and I saw a 'Message Sent' on it.

  I waited..

  And waited..

  And waited. But he never calls.

Maybe he's busy. I guess he'll text me in the morning. I said to myself, trying to be positive.

I'm sure he will. I thought again before falling asleep.

But then again, he never did.

Autumn, 2017

I hear my doorbell ring. Well that was unexpected, who could it be this early in the morning. "Coming!" I yelled to whoever it is that's standing behind the door.

  What greeted me was not something that I wanted to remember about.

"Ahra eonnie?" I widened my eyes. The figure standing in front of me nodded.

Whats going on? after four years of leaving me behind without a word they finally decided to reappear in my life? Is fate playing a trick on me today?

"Hana.. I have something important to tell you and something else to show you. " There's a hint of uncertainty in her eyes.

I have a bad feeling about this. "Okay." I answered simply.

Ahra eonnie drive me to this unfamiliar, gigantic building with flowers decorating every inch of the lawn and people coming in and out of it.

"This is Kyuhyun's photo exhibit." She explained.

My smile disappeared after hearing his name being mentioned.

"Well, it used to be." She continue. Eyes glossy as if she's crying.

I turned my head to look at her. "What do you mean used to be?"

  We finally found a parking spot and she parked the car there.  She told me to follow her inside the building so she could tell me more.
I was amazed by how beautiful the pictures hung on the walls were but something else caught my attention. A huge potrait of me on what i believed was our first date was displayed at the center of the exhibit.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I turned to face Ahra eonnie. "What are you trying to tell me?"
Ahra placed a hand on my shoulder to calm me down and i closed my eyes, preparing for the worst..

"Kyuhyun is gone Hana. He died a few days ago due to lung cancer. He's been suffering it for 4 years now and he told me to keep it a secret until he's ready with the exhibit. That's why he left you. So he could focus on this exhibit, so he could come back and appear as a better person, so he could give you one last piece of himself before he's gone but i guess fate love him just as much as we do..." Her words trailed off into tiny sobs.

That hit me hard.

I can't believe that this is suddenly happening to me.

I guess fate succeded his tricks.

I'm on the verge of breaking down.

  He showed me the true beauty of the world with just one photograph.. "I hate you Cho Kyuhyun..." I muttered silently and Ahra eonnie pulled me into a hug. "You're a jerk. You didn't even say goodbye..." My eyes landed on a piece of paper taped onto the side of the potriat.

  April 15, 2013 (Spring) - We went out to watch movie together. Our first real date! I'm so happy because I'm with you, No one else, but you.


Blogger sherr eyra said...

Ya Allah, It's Too Sad.. a tragic one ending. I just can't imagine. Kyuhyun ahh~

3 December 2012 at 17:38  
Blogger Mrs. Hae Simple said...

Yahhh... Wae so sad ending?? U made me cried you know? Kyuhyun is such a loyal guy. Good job in successfully make me cries. :')

5 December 2012 at 00:57  
Blogger Mrs. Hae Simple said...

Yahhh... Wae so sad ending?? U made me cried you know? Kyuhyun is such a loyal guy. Good job in successfully make me cries. :')

5 December 2012 at 00:58  
Blogger Mrs. Hae Simple said...

Yahhh... Wae so sad ending?? U made me cried you know? Kyuhyun is such a loyal guy. Good job in successfully make me cries. :')

5 December 2012 at 00:58  

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