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Super Junior 30 Day Challenge
1 Dec 2011 • 23:37 • 0 comments
Memandangkan sekarang time cuti, banyak masa terluang, tambah2 lagi eden jenis yang cepat bosan, untuk bulan nie nak try gak buat Super Junior 30 Day Challenge. Selalu wat kat tumblr je, kali ni teringin lak nak buat kat blogspot. Cabaran day 1-30 :

Day 1: Your ultimate bias

Day 2: Your favorite OTP

Day 3: Your favorite Sub-group

Day 4: Your favorite SJ Song

Day 5: Your favorite SJ-T song

Day 6: Your favorite SJ-M song

Day 7: Your favorite SJ-H song

Day 8: Your favorite SJ-K.R.Y. song

Day 9: Your favorite song that was sung on a live performance

Day 10: Your favorite album

Day 11: Your favorite MV

Day 12: An SJ song you know all the words to

Day 13: An SJ song that makes you cry

Day 14: An SJ song that makes you smile

Day 15: An SJ song that reminds you of the missing 3

Day 16: The very first SJ song that you’ve ever heard

Day 17: A picture of your favorite SJ-subgroup

Day 18: A picture of the member you think has the cutest smile

Day 19: A picture of the member you think is overrated

Day 20: A picture of the member you think is underrated

Day 21: A picture of the member you think has the best “Engrish”

Day 22: A picture of the member you think has the best jawline

Day 23: Your favorite picture of your bias

Day 24: Your favorite SJ picture

Day 25: Your favorite SJ show

Day 26: Your favorite dance

Day 27: Your ideal boyfriend out of all the SJ members

Day 28: Your favorite SJ interview

Day 29: An SJ song you never get tired of

Day 30: Your favorite radio show that is hosted by a SJ member