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111205 A preview for the kissing scene between Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Jang Ji Eun
5 Dec 2011 • 22:03 • 0 comments

A preview for the kissing scene between Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and actress Jang Ji Eun is attracting many people’s attention.
On December 5, a picture of Eunhyuk and Jang almost having a kiss was released. In the picture, they are having a romantic moment with their eyes closed.
People responded: “Is Eunhyuk debuting as a solo singer?” “Who is the lucky woman?” “I want to see the video.”
According to The Groove Entertainment, the picture of Eunhyuk and Jang was taken on the music video set of a new boy group FIX. A spokesperson of the agency said, “In the current Korean music market where teenage idol groups are dominating, a boy group FIX is debuting. All its members are in their 20s and have great voices. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and FIX members have been friends for a long time. So Eunhyuk played the lead role in their music video although he was having a busy schedule.”
Jang Ji Eun, who appeared in the music video with Eunhyuk, is currently playing the role of a queen in SBS TV’s Deep Rooted Tree. A music video teaser for FIX’s debut song “Don’t Say Anything,” starring Eunhyuk and Jang Ji Eun, will be released on December 15.
Source: TV Report
Translation by: eternalc2h | Korea.com