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Happy 6 Years Super Junior ♥
6 Nov 2011 • 00:11 • 0 comments
It’s been 6 years already. How time passes by so fast. They’ve been through the ups and downs of life but they managed to pass though it all. Sure there were tears shed, but all the laughter made up for it. A lot of people said they couldn’t make it, but here they are, already in their 6th year. From all the subgroups to the original 13, they are still the Super Junior boys that we all love. Though I have only been an ELF for less than a year, I know my love for them is something special. I will always keep Siwon’s words in mind:
You don’t have to be with us from the beginning, just be with us till the end.
And I’m sure as hell that I will. Even if the boys are old and wrinkly with their grandchildren, I’ll be an ELF because they made a big impact in my life that surely, will stay with me as I grow old too.
I just want to thank them all. Without them, I won’t be who I am today. They taught me a lot, not only about life but also the little things with it. Like bonds, relationships, brotherhood, trust and even miracles. I know that passing this 6th year mark isn’t even half of our journey because we will last long till forever. We still have a long way to go and we ELFs will always stay with the boys no matter what.  
And with that, I want to greet the boys a Happy 6th Anniversary! #SUJU6THYEAR

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