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01. One In A Thousand
02. 1-4-3 Acoustic
03. Stupid In Love
04. Gotta Talk To U
05. 헤어지지 못하는 여자
06. Hole In Your Face
07. Growl
08. How To Love


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[TRANS] Leeteuk’s ‘Marriage’ Announcement
7 Oct 2011 • 12:27 • 0 comments
‘Teukie’ is finally  getting a wife.
My wife is ‘female actress with beauty’.

I am 29 years old this year.
Not as Super Junior Eeteuk, but as ‘one woman’s man’,

 I want to give that woman happiness.

Our wedding..
Please follow us well and give us support!

Groom: Eeteuk
Bride: Pretty

PHOTO CREDIT: Sungmin's Naver Blog