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Tagged Game
26 Oct 2011 • 13:41 • 2 comments
Tak sangka boleh kene tagged dengan Nurin Athirah. Hehehe, first time kene tagged. Selalu nampak orang lain je kene... So okay let's start...

The Rules
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal               3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4. And create 11 new questions for people you tagged to answer
5. You have to choose 11 people you tag and link them on post
6. Go to their page and tell them you have to tagged HIM/HER
7. No tag backs !
8. No stuff in their tagging section about "You are tagged if you are reading this" You legititmately      

9. (a.k.a really , trust , will all honestly) have tagged 11 people
 About Me
- Sharafina Shima (Shara for short).    
- 16 Years Old.
- An otaku & Kpopper  
- A fan of J & T Dramas,, (Japanese & Taiwanese)
- I'm an ELF
- A chicken maniac (Yeah I wont eat if there is no chicken).
- I dislike pink but most of my stuff are pink. ( Weird right?)
- I'm in love with EunHyuk
- I'm the only one who is an AB blood type in class.
- Most of my Juniors at school calls me 'Adik'
 I'm a pervert when it comes to KPOP

Nurin Athirah's Question
1.Which K-POP couple's name you like ? Eunhae , Yunjae etc. Give me one .
- EunHae!!! I'm a EunHae shipper!!

2. Which subjects you always got score A ?
- English & EST. Oh yeah & Sivik too..

3. Boyfriend or B1A4 , which one you like ?
- B1A4!!

4. Chicken chop or Lamb Chop ?
- Since i'm a chicken maniac ofcoz i'll pick Chicken chop

5. Comics or Novels ?
- Comics
6. In Super Junior , which member you like ? And why ?
- Eunhyuk. I don't know why. Love at first sight maybe??
7. What is your favourite song ?
- Mr. Raindrop by Amplified.. Lol don't judge. I just love that song so much
8. If your favourite idol was falling in love with you , what do you do for him/her ?
- I promise to love him only and cherish him.
9. For K-POPPERS , which maknae of K-POP groups you like . Exp. Kyuhyun , Dongwoon , Taemin etc. Choose 3 persons .
- Kyuhyun (SuJu), Minwoo (BF), Gongchan (B1A4
10. What languages you like the most ? \English are not availabe !
- Korean and Chinese

11. Stars or Flowers ?

- Stars 
My Question
1. If you are given 3 wishes, what will your wishes be??
2. What is the last english song you heard??
3. What fandom are you??
4. Have you ever read SMUT fic before.??
5. Who is your first crush??
6. Imagine if KPOP are banned in Malaysia. What will you do??
7. Blogger, FB, Twitter or Tumblr. Which one do you prefer??
8. Phone or laptop??
9. Your favourite food?
10. Who is your bias. Why do you like him/her??
11. Do you know me?
11 person that I tag....


    Blogger eye in said...

    ah~ boya~..aq baru kene tag.. keke

    26 October 2011 at 20:53  
    Blogger Mrs. Hae Simple said...

    @ Shara ~
    Shara Question's !

    1. My Top 3 wish are - A day with my mother *even in dream* , able to be friend with SuJu-oppa and to have chance to be a better person .
    2. Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain .
    3. ELF .
    4. Yes . A lot . EunHae is a always-read fic .
    5. My first crush is my own best male friend when I was 12 .
    6. I'll go see Yang Di-Pertuan Agong myself and strike for justice . (Or I''ll just go to Seoul)
    7. Blogger .
    8. Lappy .
    9. Chicken .
    10. Lee DongHae . I like him because of his cute yet hot smile . His personality also amazed me .
    11. Yes but I want to know you better . Can ?

    18 November 2011 at 22:30  

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