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Super Junior Disappointed In SM As Well
4 Oct 2011 • 12:33 • 1 comments

LT: The music video finally came up today.
EH: It came out at the moment we went “A-Cha”. We might have missed it if we went “A-Cha”.
LT: Actually… usually, the music videos get released just before the song is revealed on stage, but it only came out two weeks after we revealed it.
EH: Yeah. Well, it’s our song, so we can just PR it ourselves.
LT: Yes, of course.
EH: Yeah.
LT: It must have been a production that they put heart and blood into. (obviously sarcastic)
EH: Yeah. *laughs* It’s cool and looks great.
LT: I was really surprised because the teaser came out on the first broadcast.
EH: *Giggles* A-CHA!!
LT: The person who’s supposed to put it up was supposed to do it the day before, then he went A-CHA!
EH: Just wanted to do it like the title of the song, I guess.
LT: And then after he put it up, “I was supposed to put this up yesterday… what should I do?” A-CHA!!!
EH: I guess everyone went “A-cha, a-cha”.
The boys are being really sarcastic throughout this whole thing, making the situation a little funny as they try to hide their disappointment. I know this, I’m Korean. I know our dialect like the back of my hand. You just can’t deny how sarcastic they are. It makes me sad that even Super Junior seems to notice these things. I know, there’s no Super Junior without SM, but if the boys can’t help but show slight disappointment… That just really says something.


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