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The reason for Super Junior member's trips around Europe?
30 Oct 2011 • 19:04 • 1 comments

SM is trying to decide which European countries to include in SS4.They already know that France is profitable (and SM is all about profit) and so SS4 will be held in France. But which other countries should they include? Spain, England, the Czech Republic? 
If you think about it, how else is SM going to find out which country has the most K-Pop fans?
They could look at the sales from A-Cha and Mr Simple, but then again, ELF bulk buy and SM isn’t interested in that. All SM want to know is how many people are going to buy a ticket for Super Show 4. 1 ELF is 1 person. There is no bulk buying of SS4 tickets. 1 person buys 1 ticket.
No, the only way would be to send a member of Super Junior into different countries and see the reaction they get from ELF. All they have to look at is how many ELF greet them at the airport, how many ELF ask for signatures, how many times they get recognised. 
Of course the boys are also getting a holiday, but I think that SM is also using these holidays to help it’s own company and for once I don’t think ELF will mind. I supposed Super Junior are happy too. They’re having a break, resting, and SS4 may be brought into Europe. 

Sigh, but I still envy those fans who meet Eunhyuk T_T
Seriously Hyukjae,are you on a vacation or a fanmeeting???

Those lucky fans in Europe. Why are you so lucky?? >.<


Blogger hana said...

i also envy with them >.<
they r so lucky.

1 November 2011 at 20:25  

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