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It Hurts Being an ELF
23 Oct 2011 • 09:46 • 0 comments

To avoid too much drama, long post under the cut. ;
Let me just sit here and watch SM slowly ignores SJ’s presence in their company. Maybe for SM:
  • SJ is slowly decreasing by number of members, so it’s okay.
  • SJ have a lot of controversies, so it’s okay.
  • SJ will eventually leave one by one for the army, so it’s okay.
  • SJ will disband soon, so it’s okay.

While on the other side of the story:
  • SJ got one of the biggest international fanbase.
  • SJ is one of the groups that brought a huge name to South Korea. 
  • SJ made a lot of money for them already not just in Korea or even Asia but in the entire world.
  • SJ is and forever be one of the best groups .
  • SJ is a group of individuals who have a lot and different talents that needs more recognition.

Then what? SJ have been through a lot for years just to be treated this way? They sacrificed a lot, shed a lot of tears, shared a lot of painful events together then this? Some people are like, “don’t compare” well just fuck off okay. How can you not compare when reality is so huge and obvious and is right there in front of you? How can people not compare when everything you think this group deserves doesn’t even met half the expectations?
Some people might think that we are butthurt fans craving for attention. Well let’s just put it this way, let’s switch positions for a day in order for them to understand how hard and painful it feels like to be an elf. An elf who is forever loyal, dedicated and sincere in every act they do for Super Junior then everything they worked hard on will be like a crumpled paper in a trash can. Try to be on both situations before talking. We are sensitive. Because to be honest, it fucking hurts to be an elf. We are used to being bashed, we are used to being misunderstood, we are used to be cursed. But fuck, some might be strong enough to handle such situations and fight for our name, but a lot are not that brave enough to tell everyone how much pain they feel every fucking time. We are not forcing everyone to understand us completely, but we just want everyone to atleast try to understand how we really feel.
Just try to imagine this in your own fandom and bias group:  
  • A member temporarily left for his acting career.
  • A member left and decided to continue his career on his own because of the bad treatment of the company.
  • A member left for military service in a snap in an unexpected time.
  • Members are one by one leaving for military service.
  • Temporary last album was treated like a trash.
  • MVs are recycled that looks like drafts with a weirdo cameraman.
  • Bias group was never treated fairly.
  • Bias group deserves a lot more but still ignored.
  • Bias group was never the priority.
  • Bias group worked hard then no proper recognition was given.
  • then the list goes on…..

Just trying to imagine such thing is painful right? Well guess what, Super Junior and ELF have been through all of these tragic events. Now can people blame us for being hurt? Now can people blame us for being sensitive? We are not asking for too much. We just need understanding. We need people who won’t hate us for being hurt. We need understanding people who will eventually be with us every time we feel bad. We are not up for fights. If some people can be a mad motherfucker and can express whatever she/he feels, why can’t ELF do the same without people hating/attacking/insulting us? Unfair treatment for Super Junior? I guess unfair treatment for ELF exists too. We are really meant to be together.