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Happy Birthday Henry Lau..
11 Oct 2011 • 05:39 • 1 comments

@henrylau89 I know there’s a really small chance that you’ll read this. Heck, you might not be able to read this but thank you. Thank you for everything. 

Thank you for staying strong.
Thank you for not giving up.
Thank you for your determination.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Thank you for showing us a really big smile even though you are troubled.
Thank you for making us happy.
Thank you for sharing us your talents.
Thank you for being an inspiration.
Thank you for showing us your true self.
Thank you for being HENRY LAU.

This list will go on and on if I don’t stop myself but really, thank you. You have suffered a lot yet you’re still there, standing on stage for the rest of your fans. You didn’t let other people bring you down. Instead, you proved to them that you are worthy of where you are right now. You may be the youngest but you are one of the strongest.

Stay strong. Take care of yourself. Don’t let others pull you down. THANK YOU.

Heavens sent this lovely being here on 
Earth to inspire people to
Never give up and keep going no matter what say. You are
Really one of the most awesome people created by God and
Yes, you are special in each of your fans’ heart. :)

Happy 22nd Birthday, Henry! Eventhough I'm a Jewel, I love you like how every other String does. May you have more and more blessings to come. Have an awesome birthday! Have fun today. It’s your day. It’s Henry’s day. It’s your special day so please feel special. LOL. 



Blogger Sharifah Wardina said...

birthday henry lau ke hihi epy befday .

11 October 2011 at 05:57  

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