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Siwon‘s never-before-seen photo from ’Mr. Simple‘
11 Sep 2011 • 17:05 • 0 comments

On September 11th, Super Junior fans from all over the world felt their jaws drop after peeping Siwon‘s never-before-seen photo from ’Mr. Simple‘.
The singer tweeted, “Revealing this undisclosed cut from our 5th album ‘Mr. Simple A Version’ as a Chuseok present :)”.
In the photo, Siwon has colorful designs drawn all over his buff upper body. But what really caught the eyes of fans was where he decided to oh-so-casually position his hand for the shot.
Fans seemed to appreciate this holiday ‘gift’ quite a bit, and left comments like, “Oh my…”, “So handsome and sexy“, and “Hey, I’m a minor!”.
Happy Chuseok, Super Junior fans!
Source + Photo: Siwon’s Twitter