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01. One In A Thousand
02. 1-4-3 Acoustic
03. Stupid In Love
04. Gotta Talk To U
05. 헤어지지 못하는 여자
06. Hole In Your Face
07. Growl
08. How To Love


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New Blog
14 Aug 2011 • 16:25 • 0 comments
Just nak gitaw...
blog baby-eunhyukkie tu dah tak de dah..
aq delete sebab banyak sangat problem nye..
dak2 yang lain pon complain kat aq blog tu bproblem..
so aq delete la yang tu pastu buat yang baru..
Korang jang lupe follow blog nie taw???
Blog nie ngan blog yang dulu tu x banyak pon beza nyer..
90% same jer cam dulu..