I'm A Happy Jewel


01. One In A Thousand
02. 1-4-3 Acoustic
03. Stupid In Love
04. Gotta Talk To U
05. 헤어지지 못하는 여자
06. Hole In Your Face
07. Growl
08. How To Love


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Heechul We'll Be Waiting
22 Aug 2011 • 23:49 • 0 comments

For the past 6 years that you make us laugh, make us smile, make us feel better, and for the other great things
that you have done to us. You have changed our lives we will never be the same without you..

Eventhough you're not my bias in Super Junior but still there is no Super Junior without Kim Heechul.
You're one of a kind, you do what you want and you always light up everything when you're start talking..
You're handsome, You're gorgeous, and you're much more prettier than me...

I'll miss your milky white skin,
When you're on stage givung us fan service,
Your smile and your smirks all of that...

2 years isn't long...
we'll be waiting for you..
until the world is covered by sapphire blue we will never stop..