I'm A Happy Jewel


01. One In A Thousand
02. 1-4-3 Acoustic
03. Stupid In Love
04. Gotta Talk To U
05. 헤어지지 못하는 여자
06. Hole In Your Face
07. Growl
08. How To Love


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24 Jul 2011 • 12:54 • 0 comments

You are my soul and destiny,
You are my life and death,
You make me happy when i'm angry,
You cheer me up when i'm sad.

Your smile is true to who you really are,
A kind, caring person at heart.
You are called 'Monkey', a name that suits you well.
Yet when i look beyond, I can see you are so much more.

Twins, Dont Don, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana,
And your upcoming 5jib,
You drive me crazy,
With the way  you rap, dance and looks.

Eventhough you cry easily,
eventhough you're hurt,
You'll never burden the others,
You're stronger than you look..

Ignore the antis,
I'm here for you.
as an ELF i will protect you with All my heart.

If you cry i'll cry too..
You are important in my heart, my life..
Deep in my heart there will always be you..

I want to meet you,
Face to face with you,
Sing, Dance and Talk with you,
Be in your Heart Forever..

You're the one..
The one that i truly love..