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01. One In A Thousand
02. 1-4-3 Acoustic
03. Stupid In Love
04. Gotta Talk To U
05. 헤어지지 못하는 여자
06. Hole In Your Face
07. Growl
08. How To Love


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Super Junior is My Live
26 Mar 2011 • 13:35 • 0 comments

Super Junior,
You are my soul and destiny,
You are my live and death,
You make me happy while angry,
You do so when i am sad.

Super Junior,
Ignore the antis,
ELF will forever save you,
Protect Super Junior.

Super Junior,
Twins Dont Don Sorry Sorry,
And for now it's Bonamana.
You can drive me crazy,
For you good songs.

Super Junior,
I want to meet you,
Face to face with you,
Sing Dance and Talk to you,
Be in your Heart Forever ..
You are to Important in our life..
we love you ..love you
Every ELF in this world will cry ..if Suju cry...
from that we all know that Suju is important in our heart
In deep in ELF heart there will always be one  please for Suju..
I hope Suju will remember ELF forever an ELF remember suju forever ...